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Welcome to Alien Encounter Laser Combat.

We are Located at 316 Rt. 28 West Yarmouth, Ma. 02673

The A-frame building next to the cranberry bog. 2 miles from the airport rotary.

Telephone is 508-534-9440 

Call now to book your Mission!!!

 Thurs. 8/12  thru  Sun. 8/15    5pm till 9pm 

4pm till 9pm  Tues. thru Sundays  the rest of August till Labor Day.

Play as a Laser Trooper for the Terran Alliance                                         

Name: Vultore, Friendly Alien

Favorite T.V. show....Star Trek                                                              

Favorite Food...........Starburst

Favorite Movie..........E.T.

Favorite human toy....Furbys

Play as a Mercenary for the Evil Earth Corp.

Name: Lxzyywrl%k*n//[g...we'll call him *Bob*  

Favorite T.V. show....Outer Limits

Favorite Food...........Humans

Favorite Movie..........War of the Worlds

Favorite Character.....The Terminator


Remember....These games are team based....No more than six players per team!  Do you have what it takes to be the winning team? Games last an average of 30 minutes. This is *NOT* lasertag! This is LASER COMBAT....where you work as a team. Take your time...pick your cover...flank the enemy using coverfire from your team mates...trap them in a crossfire till you've disabled all their weapons and send them out of the arena.      

The Mission is to work with other members of your team and disable all of your opponent's weapons. Make a plan of together...and be the last team standing in the arena. You only have a limited number of lives and ammo, so aim well and make your shots count. Use what cover you find to hide from the enemy. The team with the most members still active at the end of the game wins the day!   Will that be you? 

Laser Troopers...You are to work your way past the Graveyard, through the Tunnel, into the Warehouse and into the Laboratory. Eliminate as many of the other team members as possible.

Black Op Mercs...You must defend against this unwanted incursion into your domain. However, you must leave one sentry in the warehouse and one in the lab. Don't let the Troopers get behind you! It could mean you get zapped out!  Your team wants to keep the secrets of these aliens for yourselves.

                       Take Care...Danger lurks behind every corner!!! 

       Missions are $6.00 per half hour play. Book your birthday party with us!